Nayla Knows Best


I started keeping track of the conversations between Nayla and me on Facebook. My friends always tell me how much they enjoy reading these conversations.  This page is a collection of these posts.

Age 2 


August 2011

Me: “Nayla, what did you do today?”
Nayla: “I watch Win-na-na-na-Pooh”
Me: “Wow! You mean, Winnie the pooh?”
Nayla: ” Yeah (nodding), Win-na-na-na-Pooh”

October 2011

Nayla: “What’s that, Mommy?”
Me :(looking at a pic of vulvar herpes) “Just a picture.”
Nayla: “umm.. YUCK Mommy.”

Age 3


October 2012

In the grocery store…
Nayla: (yelling to the top of her lungs about who knows what)
Me: “Nayla stop being a loud butt.”
Nayla: “But Mommy, my butt told me to SCREAM!!”

October 2012

Nayla: (jumping on the couch)
Me: “Stop Nayla before you get hurt.”
Nayla: (still jumping on the couch)
Me: “One more chance or you get popped.”
Nayla: (pause..then resumes jumping)
–I pop her on her bottom–
Nayla: (cries hysterically ) “I wish I had told you to go to someone else’s house so you could stop being mean to me.”
Me: “I wish you had stopped jumping on the couch.”

November 2012

When you tell your 3 year old to not throw tantrums at bedtime and she very clearly replies: “but my position is that my body is not tired,” you have a REAL problem. Fam, pray for me: )

November 2012

Me:”Nayla, Mommy just needs a hug. It will make my day much better.”
Nayla: “I need a hug too because I had a really hard day.”

December 2012

Me: (trying to get Nayla ready for the day after a bath) “Keep still.”
Nayla: (twirling in her towel) “But I am a princess.”
Me: “Yes, Nayla, but even princesses need to get dressed. You aren’t listening.”
Nayla: “But my listening ears are in my bones, and I can’t get them out.”

December 2012 

Nayla: “Mommy, can I watch t.v.?”
Me: “No, Nayla. Let’s play a game instead. How about UNO?”
Nayla: “Yaayyy UNO!! (pause) But, Daddy can’t play Spanish games with us.”
Me: “Why not?”
Nayla: “Because Daddy doesn’t speak Spanish.”
Me: “Good point.”

Age 4


March 2013

Me: ” I was working hard last night.”
Nayla: “Hard?”
Me:”Yes, but I was thinking about you.”
Nayla: “Me? I was thinking about you too?”
Me: “No you weren’t because you were asleep.”
Nayla: “Well, I was dreaming about you.”
Me:”What was I doing in your dream?
Nayla: “Working.”

March 2013

Me: “Nayla, I thought I told you not to play on the treadmill. Remember yesterday when you fell off and hit your head?”
Nayla: “I remember, but I wasn’t scared.”
Me:”Oh really?”
Nayla: “I’m scared of aliens but not of falling down.”

April 2013

Nayla:”Mommy, my head hurts.”
Me: “Oh, we’ll come here and let me kiss it.”
Nayla: “No Mommy! It won’t work because my BRAIN hurts.”
Me: “Hmm. I wonder why that is.”
Nayla: “Maybe when we go to South Carolina (this weekend), they may have a diagnosis.”
Me:”Nayla, what is a diagnosis?”
Nayla: “When you go to the doctor and she says something is wrong.”
Me:”Exactly right.”

May 2013

Me & Nayla at lunch after her doctor’s appointment…
Me:”Nayla you did very well at the doctor’s”
Nayla: “Yes, and I have TWO doctors.”
Me:”True. Special people get to have more than one doctor.”
Nayla:”Well, octopuses have 25 doctors.”
Nayla:” Because they have 8 legs.”

May 2013 

Nayla: “Mom, do you have 2 watches?”
Me: “Yes.”
Nayla: “why?”
Me: “One for work and one for everyday”
Nayla: “What’s the difference?”
Me: “The one for everyday is nicer”
Nayla: ” I think the people at the clinic will listen to you more if you wear the nice one to work. People like to look at pretty things”
Me: “You’re right, Nayla.”
Nayla: “Now promise me you’ll wear the pretty one to work”
Me: “I promise.”

June 2013

Nayla:”Mom, I waited for you to get home from work, but you never came. I kept looking out the window.”
Me: “Yes, Nayla, I was very busy today. I took care of at least 20 pregnant ladies.”
Nayla: “20? That’s not a lot. 100 is a lot. I want you to take care of so many pregnant ladies, you can’t even count (them).”

July 2013

Me: “Nayla, be careful walking in those flip flops down the stairs.”
Nayla: ” I KNOW Mommy. You always worry.”
Me: “I don’t worry, but it is my job to be concerned about you.”
Nayla: “Well, it is my job to tell people not to worry.”

July 2013

Packing the suitcase for a trip..
Nayla (sitting in the empty suitcase with the straps over her legs): ” Look at me Mommy, I’m going to Russia.”
Nayla:”And then I’m going to China”
Me:”I guess you’ll have to get on the plane.”
Nayla:” No I won’t.”
Me: “Why not?”
Nayla:” Because china and Russia are next to each other, and I can drive.”
Me: “How’d you know that?”
Nayla: “My brain told me.”

October 2013

Nayla: “Mommy..”
Nayla: “Mommy, we don’t say ‘what?’ When someone calls us, we say, ‘yes?'”
Me: “Uh, did I say that?”
Nayla: “Yes. You taught me the rules of the house and I don’t know why you aren’t following the rules.”
Thomas: “That’s right, Mommy.”
Me: (speechless)

October 2013

Nayla: “Mom, I really want to wear a dress!”
Me: “No, Nayla. You already wore a dress this week and it’s raining. Do you want to get your legs wet?”
Nayla: “No, Mommy but I LOVE dresses and you NEVER let me wear them.”
Me: “Um not true. You have plenty of other clothes in your closet besides dresses. We don’t have the money to replace all those good clothes with only dresses just because you only like dresses.”
Nayla: “Well, you don’t have enough money because you don’t work enough.”

November 2013

(After watching Aladdin)
Nayla: “Mommy, your wish is my command”
Me: “I have everything I need”
Nayla: “Mom!! You have 3 wishes!”
Me: “Okay, I wish that you wouldn’t act dramatic when it’s time for bed.”
Nayla: “Okay, I guess that’s reasonable.”
Me: “What’s your wish?”
Nayla: “No one’s ever asked me that… I know. I wish to sail the seven seas!!”
Me: “Wow, nayla. What do you know about the 7 seas?! That’s quite a big wish.”
Nayla:”Well, okay. I’ll settle for Disney world.”

December 2013

Me and nayla watching “Avatar”…
Me: “Nayla, do you know what an actress is?”
Nayla: “No.”
Me:”It’s when someone pretends to be someone else. Would you like to be an actress.”
Nayla: “No. God tells us to be who we are.”
Me:”You’re right.”

December 2013

Me & Nayla finishing up bath time…
Thomas: (walks in and hands Nayla a candy cane)
Nayla: “Ooh, is that for me?!”
Thomas: “Yes.”
Me: “Do you want some now?”
Nayla: “After dinner.”
Me: “Why not now?”
Nayla: “You remember…a candy cane is a treat.”

December 2013

In Walmart after church…
Nayla:”Mommy, I want to move to someplace warm.”
Me: “Like where?”
Nayla: “California or Texas”
Me: “You’ve been to Texas, but how do you know that California is warm?”
Nayla: “Well, it’s way far from here so it’s GOTTA be warm”
Me: “Good reasoning, but we’re not moving.”

Age 5

  • nayla-age-5

September 2014

First day of kindergarten…
Me: “How are you feeling this morning?”
Nayla: “Well, before today I was excited. But now that I know kindergarten is today, I’m very nervous.”

September 2014

Memorable Nayla quotes from this week…

1) During bath time…
Nayla: “Ooh this hot water feels good. Especially after such a long day.”

2) Post call, Nayla wakes me up to tell about her day at church…
Nayla:”I had the best day in church that I’ve ever had in my whole life today.”
Me:”Wow, what happened?”
Nayla:”There was a puppet show. I learned how to spell ‘lord’ and I learned a memory verse.”
Me: “How do you spell ‘lord’ and what is the memory verse?”
Me: “And the memory verse?”
Nayla: “Well, I don’t remember”

3) Nayla giving me advice post call….
Me: “I’m so happy you had fun at church.”
Nayla: “I don’t know why you are happy for me. You had to work”
Me:”Well, mothers are always happy when their children are happy, even if the mothers had to work.”
Nayla: ” Well you shouldn’t be. If the world is hard to you, you should be hard to the world.”
Me: “No, Nayla that’s not how we live.”


September 2014

Walking the dogs with Nayla after being out of town for a few days…
Me: ” You have got to fill me in on what I missed for the past few days.”
Nayla:”That will be so stressful.”
Me: “Why?”
Nayla: “Because I can’t remember every little thing.”
Me: “Well, if you can remember the meaning of the word stressful, you can tell me what happened.”
Nayla: “No I can’t Mommy. You should just imagine what I did.”
Me: “Whatever Nayla. I will fill you in on what I did. I was talking to a bunch of people about how we will probably move back to the South next year. I told them that you wanted to move.”
Nayla: “What! You told them what I said?! Does that mean I’m famous?”
Me: (laughing) “Honey, you are only Facebook famous.”

October 2014

About to take a trip to the apple orchard…
Nayla: “Where are we going? Why did you guys pick me up right after school?”
Thomas: “We are going picking.”
Nayla: ” Oh, I know! We are going to the apple orchard.”
Me: “You guessed it . Have you been there before?”
Nayla: “Yes. Back in the olden days when I was three we went there.”

October 2014

Getting ready with the family this AM…
Thomas:”We did an activity at work yesterday where I had to describe myself in 3 words.”
Me: “I know what you said…let me think…”
Thomas: “I said honest, loyal and hardworking.”
Me: “Those are all true.”
Nayla: “Mommy ,I know what 3 words would describe you.”
Me: (eager to hear) “What?”
Nayla: “(1) you work all the time, (2) you help people at Northwestern and (3) you are looking for a job.”
Thomas: (sensing my sadness) “This game is hard for a 5 year old.”
Me: “I know. Great job Nayla. Your description sums me up.”

January 2015

Getting ready for church this AM…
Nayla:”Mommy you look fancy.”
Me: “Really? I don’t think so.”
Nayla: ” Well I do. You have on eyeshadow, you are wearing a dress, you have on black stockings and heels.”
Me: ” Well you know the part I don’t like? The heels.”
Nayla: “So why are you wearing them?”
Me: “Because we are going to church.”
Nayla: “You don’t have to wear heels to church. People wear sweatpants and sweaters.”
Me: (silence)
Nayla: “And the only thing you should be doing in church is praising God.”

January 2015

Nayla’s response after I took her to see Disney’s “Into the Woods”:

Before: “We’ll see how it goes and if I don’t do good, you don’t have to bring me anymore.”

During:”There are too many dead lives in this movie.”

After:”That was NOT disney. There were too many characters…AND there was kissing which is inappropriate for a child to see”

February 2015

Philanthropy from a 5 year old’s perspective….

Getting ready this AM, Nayla accidentally knocks over her Collection, which is an assortment of cans, special rocks and other random objects…

Nayla: “I’ll pick it up”
Me: “So what do you plan to do with your collection?”
Nayla: “Give it to people who have no money so they can sell it and get money.”
Me: “Oh ok. I’m wondering why you don’t just sell the stuff and give the people the money.”
Nayla: (very impassioned) “Because the people who have no money still need to DO something. THAT’S my plan.”
Me: ” Ok Nayla. Mommy will help you with your plan.”

February 2015

Just now…
Me: “Nayla, do you want to have a tea party now?”
Nayla: ” Yaaayyyy! I have been asking you and daddy to have one, but you say you have work to do.”
Me: (feeling guilty) “Well you know we have to work in order to buy tea and other stuff we need and like. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
Nayla: ” Well, money is made from paper and paper is from trees, so money does grow on trees.”
Me: (laughing)
Nayla: “I’m not telling you opinion…I’m saying facts.”
Me: (still laughing): “Good point.”

March 2015

Walking the dogs with Nayla…

Me: “Do you come out here with me because you like spending time with Mommy or do you come because you like being outside?”
Nayla:”Spending time with you.”
Me:”Promise me that you will always want to do that.”
Nayla: “Ok. And I will remind myself when I forget…when I’m fifteen.”
Nayla:  (starts counting from 1 to 100 and when she reaches 100 says)”See, when I’m 100, I’ll still love you… even when you are… (pause)…extinct.”
Me: (just looking at her)
Nayla: “You know what extinct means? It means ‘die'”
Me: “I’m glad you will love me that long.”

April 2015

Nayla: “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Guess what?!”
Nayla:”This coat and umbrella are waterproof?”
Me:”Oh yeah? What does waterproof mean?”
Nayla:”It means that when they get wet, they don’t absorb water like other fabrics.”

May 2015

Trying to reward Nayla for behaving well at the hair shop…
Me: “Which lollipop do you want? Pink or blue?”
Me:(smile) “Shocker.”
Nayla (tastes the lollipop) : “I don’t really like this. Can’t I just eat an apple instead?”

July 2015

Me talking on the phone with Nayla who is with her grandparents (a few days ago)

Me: “Guess what? The movers are coming tomorrow. ”
Nayla:”What?! You mean I’m NOT coming back to Chicago?”
Me:”No, Nayla. I told you that”
Nayla: “Well I didn’t get a chance to do something.”
Me: “What’s that?”
Nayla: “Kiss Chicago.”
Me:” Well since you didn’t get a chance to do that, just tell me what you want to tell Chicago. Then I’ll tell it.”
Nayla: “I want to tell Chicago, ‘I love ya, but you are way too cold!’ ”
Me: “Ok, I’ll tell Chicago.”
Nayla: “How are you gonna do that? Facebook?”

**Chicago, Nayla loves you and misses you….and so do her parents :)**

August 2015

Nayla quote of recent…

“Mommy, can you get my food STAT. I know you know what that means.”

Age 6


August 2015

This AM….
Nayla:”Mom, you are home today?”
Me: “Yes, baby”
Nayla: “But it’s the weekend. I just assumed you were on call.”
Me:”It’s not like that anymore.”
Nayla: (huge smile)

September 2015

At bedtime tonight…

Me: “Nayla, are you still liking Ms. Randolph’s first grade class?”
Nayla: “Yes, I just didn’t know that in first grade you only get one chance.”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Nayla: “Well, in kindergarten, I got at least 2 chances.”
Me: “Oh, ok”
Nayla: “And I think in 2nd grade you get one chance. But after that, when you grow up, you get no chances.”

September 2015

Picking up pizza at Marco’s…

Random man in pizza place: “Are you an Auburn or Alabama fan?”
Thomas: “Neither. I’m a South Carolina fan.”
Nayla: “A lot of my friends at school are Alabama fans but I’m a Princess fan.”

December 2015

At El Barrio (Mexican restaurant):

Me :”Nayla, try the dip with your quesadilla.”
Nayla: “Are you sure?”
Me: “I know you’ll like it.”
Nayla: (eats it) “Mmm, that’s good.”
Me: “Told you.”
Nayla: “I’m surprised that after 6 years, you know my tastes.”

January 2016

Someone told me I need to keep up the Nayla posts. I’ve been lazy. Here’s a convo from last week…

Nayla: “Mother, I’m hungry. Can you make me a snack?”
Me: ” Okay. What do you want? How about that leftover quesadilla?”
Nayla: “Yes!”
Me: “I’ll bring it to you in your room”
(30 mins later, Nayla comes down the stairs without her plate)
Me: “Nayla, did you eat your food?”
Nayla: “No.”
Me: “Why?! I thought you were hungry.”
Nayla: “Mother, life is full of mysteries.”

January 2016

At bedtime tonight we read “I Love You Forever,” a book about a mother’s love for her son over his lifetime. She sings him a sweet melody that he ends up singing to his daughter after she dies. This conversation followed:

Nayla: “So, it (the song ) was passed from generation to generation?”
Me: “Yes. Can you think of anything that I do all the time that you will pass to your kids? Any traditions?”
Nayla: (long pause) “Love.”

February 2016

At Nayla’s first soccer game…
Me: “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you for making your first goal.”
Nayla (out of breath): “Thanks Mommy. Sometimes, you just don’t know what you have in you.”

February 2016

At dinner tonight…
Me: “Nayla, how was your day? Did you go outside for recess?”
Nayla: “Umm, what do you think?”
Me: “I don’t know. That’s why I asked the question, Smartie.”
Nayla: “Well, you didn’t see it was raining for a thousand hours today?”
Me: “No, I was working inside.” (turned my attention elsewhere)
Nayla: “Mommy, why did you stop talking?”
Me: “I’m waiting for you to answer the question I asked you.”
Nayla (with attitude): “Okay! I went i-n-s-i-d-e. I know you can spell that.”
Me: “Well Nayla, can you spell s-p-a-n-k-i-n-g?”

February 2016

This AM getting ready…

Me:”You know how much Mommy loves you?”
Nayla: “Yes. To space and back. And I love you to Heaven and back.”
Me: “Wow. Which is farther?”
Nayla: “Heaven.”
Me: “Oh, ok.”
Nayla: “Do you think that people can travel there (Heaven), like on a spaceship?
Me:”I don’t think so. You can’t go to Heaven and still be alive.”
Nayla: “Mommy, did you know that God discovered the Earth? And then after Him, it was the Indians.”

February 2016

On the way home from church this PM…
Me : “Nayla, remember mommy’s on call tomorrow.”
Nayla: “awww man!”
Me: “Come on. Don’t give me that. When was the last time I was on call?”
Nayla: “I just wish you had a more better job. One that doesn’t make you stay up for 24 hours and sleep away from your children! I wish…I wish…I wish you were a dentist, you know, a doctor of teeth.”

May 2016

Nayla and I sitting down in the park..

Me: “Nayla, what are the top 3 things you learned in the first grade this year?
Nayla: “The main thing I learned is to not be so selfish”

(I forgot the other 2 because of number 1)

June 2016

Me and Nayla in the bed chatting this morning…

Me: “Nayla, next week you have swim lessons after camp.”
Nayla: “But mom! I have an open wound on my belly.”
Me: “No you don’t. Your wound is fully closed.”
Nayla: “Yes, but it is a scar!”
Me: “Nayla, you aren’t the only one with a scar on your belly. Look at mine. That’s where you came out. ”
Nayla: ” But that’s different. Yours is blended in and mine isn’t.”
Me: “That’s ok. Let me teach you something. Sometimes we go through something hard and important in our lives…and we overcome it…but we still have the scar to remind ourselves about what we went through and that..”
Nayla: “…that we made it?”
Me: “Yes”
Nayla: ” I already knew that. Doc Mcstuffins taught me.”

July 2016

My Christian friends will appreciate this Nayla conversation…

(Playing scrabble junior together)
Nayla: “Mom, you are spanking me”
Me: “Yes”
Nayla: “I wish Aiden was here” (3 year old cousin). “If he was, I’d be spanking him.”
Me: “Nayla, he can’t play scrabble because he can’t read.”
Nayla: “Mom! Don’t be so discouraging.”
Me: “I’m not being discouraging. If he can’t read, he can’t read.”
Nayla: “Mom, he can do all things through Christ.”

July 2016

Came home in afternoon to do some work. Just got finished.

Nayla: “Why are you changing into your workout clothes?”
Me: “So I can be motivated to exercise after dinner. You know I usually get sleepy after dinner.”
Nayla: “Well, you could have exercised earlier if you weren’t WORKING. ‘Working’- that’s the worst word ever. Well, actually ‘devil’ is the worst word. But ‘working’ is the second worst.”

July 2016

Just finished the last workout video of the CIZE series. I fall on the ground to catch my breath, profusely sweating…

Nayla (hitting me with plastic balls and jumping on top of me): “Mom, why are you laying down?”
Me: “I just want to rest, in peace.”
Nayla: “Mom, you’ll never have peace…because you have a daughter…with a lot of energy. And the only way you’ll get peace is when I’m asleep.”

Age 7


August 2016

Sitting on the couch watching Downton Abbey with Nayla…
Nayla: “Mom, can you get me some peanut butter?”
Me: “Nayla, you are old enough to get it yourself. You know where the peanut butter is and you are tall enough to reach.”
Nayla: “But, you are my mother and I am only seven. You must remember that.”

August 2016

Today after school, Nayla working on her homework….

Nayla: “Mom, did you have to do this?”
Me: “Do what, baby?”
Nayla: “Homework. You probably didn’t back in the 1800’s.”
Me: “Nayla, I wasn’t born in the 1800’s”
Nayla: “You’re right. Harriet Tubman was born in the 1800’s.”

September 2016

Driving yesterday…

Nayla: “Momma, I can add 12 plus 41”
Me: “Great. What is it?”
Nayla: “53. Let me tell you which strategy I used to get the answer.”
Me: “Ok”
Nayla: “I added the 4 and 1 in the tens place then the 2 and 1 in the ones place.”
Me: “Good job.”
Nayla: “You learned math the hard way and I know it the easy way.”
Me: “What’s the easy way?”
Nayla: “Mental math and Common Core.”
Me: “You think Common Core is easy?” (Chuckle to myself)
Nayla: “And that’s why I’m not voting for Donald Trump. He wants to get rid of Common Core. I guess I’m too young to vote, but if I was old enough, I wouldn’t vote for him because of that.”

****this is not a political post, just funny***

October 2016

Nayla throwing me some serious shade at dinner…

Me: “Ok baby, bless the food.”
Nayla: “Dear God, thank you for today. Thank you for this food. Please bless the hands that prepared it, even if it was long ago. Amen.”

November 2016

Teaching love starts in the home, when children are young and exposed to new concepts for the first time.

Driving in the car with Nayla after school…
Nayla: “Mom, there’s a Jewish boy in my class.”
Me: “Great!”
Nayla: “A Jew?”
Me: ” I heard what you said and I said, ‘great.'”
Nayla: “Oh.”
Me: “Don’t you know Jesus was Jewish?”
Nayla: “He was?”
Me: “Yes. Just because we don’t believe all the same things as Jews, doesn’t mean Jewish people aren’t welcome. How did you know the boy is Jewish?”
Nayla: “Because he’s always saying so.”
Me (laughing): “Well, did you tell him you’re Black?”
Nayla (laughing): “I don’t think I had to!”

January 2017

Doing work at my desk at home…

Nayla: “Mom, can I pull up a chair and do my homework beside you?”
Me: “Of course.”
Nayla: “Mom, at what age will I start arguing with you?”
Me (perplexed): “I’m not sure what you mean.”
Nayla: “I have a friend. She’s only 8 and argues with her mom.”
Me: “Well, that won’t be you. We can always have conversations. But I think it’s disrespectful to argue with your mother. Do you understand?”
Nayla: “Yes, Mommy.”

January 2017

Watching the NFL playoffs…
Me: “Thomas, who are you going for?”
Thomas: “The Falcons. Nayla is going for the Sea Hawks. She likes that their name starts with ‘Sea.'”
Me: “Oh, Nayla you should go for who your Daddy goes for. That’s how I started going for the Steelers.”
Nayla: “Mom, I hate to break it to you, but I stand on my own.”

January 2017

Doing work at my desk at home…

Nayla: “Mom, can I pull up a chair and do my homework beside you?”
Me: “Of course.”
Nayla: “Mom, at what age will I start arguing with you?”
Me (perplexed): “I’m not sure what you mean.”
Nayla: “I have a friend. She’s only 8 and argues with her mom.”
Me: “Well, that won’t be you. We can always have conversations. But I think it’s disrespectful to argue with your mother. Do you understand?”
Nayla: “Yes, Mommy.”

March 2017

This AM:

Me: “Nayla, drink your milk.”
Nayla: “I will mommy.”
Me: “Baby, you don’t have long. We have to leave soon.”
Nayla: (using scissors to fray the edge of a piece of paper)
Me: “Annie, what are you doing? Drink your milk.”
Nayla: “I’m making the proclamation paper look old. It says, ‘I hereby decree that kids will be free from their parents, aunts and grandparents…'”
Me: “Nayla, hurry up.”
Nayla: “…and anyone who breaks this law is punishable by jail or having their finger or toe cut off.”
Me: “I’m not being mean. I just want you to drink your milk so you can grow.”
Nayla: “I’m already big enough.”
Me: “Seriously? Are we seriously talking about you and your growth this morning?”
Nayla: “Well, I guess I’m not big enough but I don’t have time to drink the milk.”
Me: “You would have time if you would stop cutting the proclamation paper to make it look old.”
Nayla: (pauses, rapidly downs the milk, lifts up her hands and looks at me): “happy?”

March 2017

Getting ready for bed just now…

Me: “Nayla when you come home tomorrow I want you to clean your room. It’s a mess.”
Nayla: “I’m not your average kid.”
Me: ” I don’t know what you mean.”
Nayla: “I’m saying that the average kid’s room is dirtier than mine.”
Me: “How do you know how clean or dirty the average kid’s room is?”
Nayla: “I’ve seen lots of them.”
Me: “Well I don’t care about the average kid. Our standard is excellence not average.”